9/2/2015 - Key Changes to Important Dates


Each term will have the following important term dates for ALL your enrolments in the relevant term:

 - One last date to add a CORE Unit per term
 - One last date to add an ELECTIVE Unit per term
 - One Payment due date per term
 - One CENSUS Date per term

To see Important Dates on the website click HERE


26/6/2013 - Payment


Please note that iManage is not used for paying your tuition fees.

For more information go to http://mafcstudents.mq.edu.au -> Student Administration -> Payment

7/3/2013 - MQ Student email address


Please check your MQ email address (…@students.mq.edu.au) regularly.

Macquarie University policy requires that all student correspondence be sent to this email address.  

Consideration will not be given in any instance if you have missed information sent from the Applied Finance Centre because you have not logged into and checked your MQ student email account.